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Welcome to Portugal’s Silver Coast

Here is some information to help you during your holiday. We hope you have a fantastic time here and remember we are on hand should you need anything during your stay.

We recommend that you bookmark this guide or save it to your home screen so you can access the information during your holiday.

You can also read our Silver Coast Travel Guide for more information about the area.

The keys will be in a small key box by the front door. The code is in your arrival information email.

Check-in and Check-out times in July and August
Arrival time: from 16.00 onwards (we have noted your early arrival time of around 11am)
Departure time: By 10.00am 
On departure please make sure all the shutters, windows and doors are locked, and return the keys to the key box.

If you have an emergency during the weekend or in the evening and need assistance, please call our office number which is redirected to a mobile outside of office hours

Office: +351 262 909 309 

If it is to report a minor problem, we ask to please wait until the following day. 

We kindly point out that the following costs apply:

Loss of keys   25.00€

Loss of remote control (where applicable)     60.00€


Sheets and towels are changed once a week.  If you require an additional service, please call our office.

Rubbish disposal

There is no domestic refuse collection in Portugal. Rubbish bins are enclosed by a wooden ‘fence’ and you will find one nearby.   Please deposit your rubbish regularly, preferably every day, in the warmer months.  Please don’t leave bags of rubbish outside as this is likely to attract mice, flies and stray dogs/cats.

Feel at home

We would like you to feel at home. We also ask that you treat this house as if it was yours. Before leaving please ensure that you turn off the lights, make sure the electrical appliances areoff, and make sure the taps are closed.

Be safe

For your safety please always close doors and windows when leaving the property

Be courteous

Please respect your neighbours and other guests by keeping noise to a minimum between the hours of 10pm and 8am.

Please inform us about any damages to the property or breakages during your stay.


Your WiFi details are on an A5 turquoise card in the living room.

Locking yourself out

It is very easy to lock yourself out when the front door blows shut during windy weather.  The front doors do not have outside handles and you cannot get in any other way, unless another door or window is open. We keep a duplicate key for all properties.  It’s a good idea to put our office number +351 262 909 309 into your mobile just in case you need to call us.

Combi Boilers

Many of the boilers in the houses and apartments are the Combi (combination) type, where there is no separate hot water tank.  This means that if someone is taking a shower it is best that no other hot water taps are used otherwise the shower will run cold.  Most villas and also the properties at Vila da Praia (The Beach Village) and Dom Sebastiao have separate hot water tanks, so this does not apply.

Power cuts

Occasionally, particularly during times of heavy rain or high winds, the electricity may be cut off momentarily or for longer periods.  Do not worry.  The connection is always re-established as soon as possible.  If any devices such as the television or the internet do not immediately work again please turn them off at the wall, wait a minute and then turn them on again. 


Being so close to the Atlantic we experience high levels of humidity and all properties have dehumidifiers. We would be grateful if you could leave any dehumidifiers running during the day or while you are out to help manage humidity levels. 


In the cooler months the heating is set for 2 hrs in the morning and 4/5 hours every evening. Some properties also have electric heaters or a wood burning stove.  Gas and electricity is extremely expensive here.  During the winter we charge for gas by reading the meter & charging for exactly what is used.

Hot Water

Hot water will come on automatically. The boilers are combi type.   Occasionally the pilot light goes out, but is usually easy to re-light by pressing in the ‘ignite’ button. If there is a red light flashing, press it in for a few seconds to re-start. 

During busy times when there is a higher demand for water there can occasionally be problems with supply. 


Please remember this is a hot country and uncovered food and rubbish will attract flies and ants. Keeping surfaces clean, food covered and put away, and rubbish regularly emptied will help to ensure you don’t get any unwelcome visitors. 


Please don’t throw anything other than toilet paper down the toilet as other items may cause blockages. Use the pedal bin for cotton wool, sanitary items etc. and please empty this when you leave. 

Stray cats and dogs

It is a sad fact that where people are stray cats and dogs will congregate on the look out for food. While it is tempting to feel sorry for stray animals and give them food it unfortunately encourages more so we please ask you not to feed them.


Enter the walled town through the majestic gateway and follow the white washed streets up to the impressive castle at the top of the hill. Winding paths reveal stunning vistas over the surrounding countryside, and boutiques and cafes tempts visitors with their interesting and unique produce.

Free car parking is behind the Novo Banco bank branch outside of the walls (driving inside the walls is not advisable!)

Caldas da Rainha daily market

We love the daily fruit and fresh produce market at Caldas da Rainha. It is on every day, including Sunday, until about 1:30 p.m. Stop up on fresh cheeses, tomatoes, nuts, olives, bread and pastries, flowers, hand made soaps, honey and all sorts of other lovely local produce.  It’s very colourful and traditional and is a wonderful change to the impersonal supermarket shelves we become so used to.

Read our guide to Caldas da Rainha, a lovely, traditional Portuguese market town with interesting local stores and a rich history in ceramics and art. The factory and ceramics shops at Bordallo Pinheiro is world famous and definitely worth a visit. The beautiful park in the centre of Caldas is lovely destination for a walk. Shaded by majestic trees and with 2 outdoor cafes and a large playground if you have little ones in tow.

Car Park location in Caldas da Rainha

Obidos lagoon

The stunning natural landscape at Obidos Lagoon is a mecca for birdwatchers, walkers, cyclists, sailors, kite surfers and sunbathers! An expanse of golden sand divides the Atlantic Ocean from the flat calm serenity of the lagoon, and even in the heights of August there is acres of space for everyone to enjoy this truly special natural reserve.


Obidos Lagoon

The beach at Obidos Lagoon is the closest beach to you. It is a short walk to the edge of the lagoon and from there the beach gets wider and wider until it is a huge expanse of sand as the lagoon meets the ocean. Conditions on the lagoon are always calm.

When the tide is coming in there is often a natural ‘lazy river’ where a calm channel of water flows in to the lagoon, its great for floating on a li-lo!

Praia d’el Rey

You can access the Praia d’el Rey beach in front of the Marriott Hotel and from the Beach Village.

Baleal Beach

The beaches at Baleal are also excellent and there is usually a sheltered bit perfect for paddling with small children over the causeway towards Baleal island. The beaches here are popular with surfers and the sand dunes are dotted with relaxed beach bars, the perfect spot to enjoy a cold drink while watching one of the stunning sunsets the area is famous for.

Praia dos Supertubos

A stunning bay of golden sand. When the conditions are right Praia dos Supertubos is famous for the barrel roll waves that provide the perfect conditions for surfers to ride through the tubes. One of the beaches on the Rip Curl World Tour this beach is a great surf destination, but the beautiful golden sand makes this is a great choice for any beach lover.

Foz do Arelho

Further afield is Foz d’Arelho which also has a beautiful beach (follow signs on the A8 north to Caldas da Rainha and then pick up the signs). It is the opposite side of the lagoon to Praia d’el Rey.

Sao Martinho do Porto

At Sao Martinho do Porto (20 minutes north on the A8)  there is a huge ‘horseshoe-shaped bay’ which is totally calm and protected and suitable even for small children.

Be aware

Being knowledgeable of the risks can reduce the chance of accidents occurring. Here are some safety procedures you should follow:

  • Please take caution when using the stair access to the beach from the Hotel; due to others using the stairs there may be sand which can make it unsafe. Hold the handrails at all times.
  • Do not go into the water immediately after a large meal, if you had alcohol or if it is getting dark.
  • Do not enter the water too quickly after a long period of sunbathing. Be aware of the effect of cold water or hot sun on your body, both can drain your strength without you necessarily noticing what is happening.
  • Do not jump or dive into the water. Always protect your head, neck and spine when entering the water.
  • Supervise children closely and constantly, even when lifeguards are present.
  • Never swim alone.
  • Do not rely on flotation devices such as rafts; they may be lost in the water.
  • Avoid swimming where rip currents are present. (A rip current is a seaward moving current that circulates water back to sea after it is pushed ashore by waves. Each wave accumulates water on shore creating seaward pressures.) 
  • If you find yourself in a current, don’t panic. All you need to do is paddle at 90 degrees to the rip and eventually you will get out of the channel of the seaward flowing water.
  • If you are in serious difficulties, raise your arm in the air to attract the attention of the lifeguard (this is the international call for help).
  • Swim parallel to shore if you want to swim long distances.
  • Never swim against the running stream
  • Don’t stay out too long, once you feel tired or cold, catch a wave and paddle straight back. 
  • Always follow the flag signals:
  • Red flag- do not enter the ocean.
  • Yellow flag- swimming forbidden.
  • Green flag- bathing freely permitted following the general rules of safety.
  • Chequered flag– beach temporarily un-patrolled.


There are lifeguards on duty on the beach in front of the Marriott Hotel and also at Villa da Praia, The Beach Village, during the summer months.

The water conditions and beaches in this area change frequently and therefore it is difficult to predict them. Factors affecting the beaches depend on the size of the waves; the wind direction; state and size of the tide. Please take care and stay in lifeguarded areas. 

This area sometimes experiences sea fog which occurs when the cool air off the ocean meets the warm air off the land. This fog usually occurs in early summer, particularly in the mornings before the sun rises. It is usually gone by midday when the sun has heated the air.  

Beach Towels

We have beach towels at our office which are available to rent at 5€ each per week. They are also for sale at 15€ each. 

If you want to wash your beach towels please give them a shake first, sand really clogs up the washing machine! 

Our best recommendation for places to eat is to go in to Obidos and wander the pretty cobbled streets. There are lots of little bars and restaurants tucked in to the medieval walls and squares.

XII Apostolos, Obidos

Serving pizza, pasta and salads from tables set on this pretty cobbled street in Obidos. Enter obidos through the stone entrance and take the road infant of your going down hill. The restaurant is a little way along on your left.

Citrus Cafe, Caldas da Rainha

Situated on the corner of Praia da Fruta this cafe has a great selection of healthy and delicious salads, juices an vegan options.

3House, Baleal Beach

Run by the ever-welcoming Christian, 3House is situated right on the beach at Baleal (the first beach bar as you enter the car park).  With great views over the beach, 3House is a lovely spot to enjoy lunch, a drink or a hearty breakfast before a day’s surf. Offering simple but good food such as burgers, pizza, omelets, smoothies etc

Sushi Fish, Baleal

Sushi Fish is up there with the best sushi restaurants you are going to find. Excellent quality and delicous sushi prepared in front of you as you would expect, by professional sushi chefs. Traditional sushi and some with a local twist we eat here reguarly and definitley recomend it. The wine selection is really good too. It isn’t cheap (especially if you over-order, it all looks so good!) but is a great choice for a special night out. 
Sushi Fish gets busy so book ahead to make sure you have a table 
You can book a table online here

Surfers Lodge, Baleal

We don’t often eat here but we do love their bar on the roof! With great views down Avenida do Mar to the ocean, the Sunset Sessions on the roof is a great time to enjoy a pre-dinner drink with Jazz playing in the background as you watch the sunset.

Profresco, Peniche

Our favourite seafood restaurant in Peniche. Really impressive seafood platters and delicious daily specials caught that day.

We want you to have a great holiday and to stay healthy and safe during your stay.

We ask that all guests are familiar with these points to ensure everyone has an enjoyable and safe holiday

1. Wash your hands frequently. There is hand soap in every bathroom and we have mini bottles of hand sanitizer for you to use while you are out and about. 

2. It is recommended to remove your shoes when entering the property and to leave them at the entrance.

3. There are cleaning products and new cleaning sponges in the kitchen for you to use during your stay. (The cleaning sponges are replaced for every new arrival)

4. If you develop a fever, cough or difficulty breathing seek medical care. You can call us on 00351 262 909 309 and we will do this for you. 

5. If your stay is 10 nights or longer you will have a housekeeping visit during your stay. Our housekeepers are practicing additional cleaning measures to keep everyone safe:

  • They will be wearing shoe covers while they are in the property. 
  • They will be wearing gloves and a mask while they work.
  • Our housekeepers are working in set teams, with Personal Protective Equipment 
  • Please vacate the property while the housekeepers are working. (It is fine to stay on the terrace or by the pool). If you prefer not to have a housekeeping visit please let us know

6. If you are staying in a property with a shared swimming pool it is not permitted to play with a ball in or out of the pool.

Please also wipe down sun loungers after use with the cleaning spray and sponges provided. 

7. We have implemented enhanced cleaning measures to ensure every property is clean and safe and ready for guests. During this time the check-out time is fixed at 10am and there is no ability to permit later check-outs. 

If you need anything during your stay or you have any questions please call our office on +351 262 909 309 

Swimming Pool Safety

Diving is not permitted. 

NEVER leave children unsupervised at the poolside. 

Please familiarise yourself with the pools depths. 

Don’t swim or allow children to swim if suffering from an upset stomach. 

Pool surrounds can be very slippery. Do NOT run around them. 

Do not swim under the influence of alcohol or take glasses out to the pool area. 

If the property has an infinity pool, please do not sit, lean or stand on the infinity edge. Inflatables must not be used in an infinity pool.

Swimming pool access

In some parts of the resort you will need to show a Swimming Pool pass when you are at the swimming pool. If this is the case, you will have a Swimming Pool pass on the key ring with you

Pool Heating

If you have a private pool which is heated we recommend that you use the pool cover at night. This better regulates the water temperature and prevents a drop in temperature over-night.


Here are some of our regular taxi drivers:

José Pereira– +351 962 669 491 

Carlos– +351 963 776 041

Sr Constantino – +351 965 022 03122

Where is the nearest supermarket?

In the resort there is a small grocery shop selling the basics. It is located in the Beach Village but please be aware it is quite expensive compared to shops outside of the resort.

There is a ‘Mini Mercado’ in the small street at the side of the Holiday Rental Portugal office.

Opening times:  Monday – Saturday 0800 – 1300 and 1500 – 2000. Sundays 0800 – 1300.

Pingo Doce in Obidos is our favourite (15 minutes). Take the IP6 from Serra D’El Rei, in the direction of Óbidos, then A8  Exit 15.  Take the 2nd exit at the 1st roundabout and continue with the walled village of Óbidos on your right. Go straight at next roundabout and left at the 3rd roundabout.  Usually open every day until 8.30 pm, closed on public holidays

Intermarche in Peniche (15 minutes).  Take the IP6 from Serra D’El Rei to Peniche and keep going straight.  It is on the left just next to the Marie Elisabeth sardine factory. 

There are many other supermarkets in Caldas da Rainha and Peniche.

They are open until 8 pm daily and later during the summer months.

There is a pastelaria selling fresh bread and cakes on the main street in Serra d’el Rei, open every day. Also a good butcher by the children’s playground open Tuesday –  Saturday until 8 pm and 1 pm on Sundays.

Can we drink the water? 

The water is safe to drink, but bottled water may preferable for taste.

Nearest ATM (cash machine)? 

Outside the Clubhouse & inside the Marriott Hotel.  

Credito Agricola Bank at Serra d’el Rei, near our office, by the church square.

How do we get to the beach? 

Walk down Avenida Inês de Castro in the direction of the Marriott Hotel & descend the steps in front of the hotel.  Alternatively walk towards ‘Vila de Praia’, The Beach Village and the take 2nd left just past the deep pink house & follow the path, cutting over the golf course. There is a way down to the beach here. The cliffs are now ‘roped’ due to erosion, so take care.  You may also drive towards Vila da Praia (The Beach Village) and turn left, parking in the car park and walk over the boardwalk to the beach.

Can we take public transport to Lisbon?

There is a regular bus service from the bus station in Caldas da Rainha. The 84 km journey takes 1 hour 10 minutes and costs less than €10 one way. If you’re happy to leave your car in Caldas for the day, then the bus is a pleasant means of transport. There is a less regular service from Obidos to Lisbon, with a timetable available at the Obidos tourist office. From Peniche the bus takes 1 hr 35 mins. Forget the train, it’s single track and very slow!

It is easy to park in Lisbon and we suggest:

  • Lisbon airport (it’s centrally located and easy to pick up a cab) 
  • Rossio underground car park (in the central Baixa district)
  • Parque das Naçoes – easily located car parks

Post Office 

The post office at Serra D’El Rei is next to the Pharmacy and is open from 9:00 -12.30 and from 2.00 – 4:00. We have first class (correio azul) and second class mail (correios normal) which takes 3/4 days.  It’s best to send international mail by correio azul.

Petrol Station

Drive to the traffic lights in Serra D’El Rei and turn right past our office.  The service station is approximately 1 km on the left.  Alternatively turn left at the traffic lights in Serra and continue straight at the roundabout  for about about 8 kms on the old road to Amoreira.  This service station is on the left.


While this area is relatively safe, don’t leave things on view in your car or your Satnav visible, as both are an invitation to thieves.   

Most properties don’t have outside door handles on the patio doors either and it’s best not to tempt fate and leave the patio doors open while you’re by the pool.


There is a mini market located at the far end of Praia d’el Rey – Vila da Praia/Beachfront.  Open daily:

0900 – 1300   and 1400 – 1800 – In July and August it stays open until 20.00.

Shopping Malls 

Shopping malls are very popular here and they stay open late.  Those in Lisbon are usually open until 11 pm/midnight. Caldas da Rainha has a shopping mall called Vivaci.  It is opposite the park and there is underground parking.

It also has a multi-screen cinema showing the latest films (in English with Portuguese subtitles).

Bike Hire

The Silver Coast is a great area to explore on bicycle with numerous tracks and routes to follow. From Praia del Rey, Obidos lagoon is a lovely route to explore or in the opposite direction you can follow the track from the resort down to Baleal and Peniche.

Bicycles can be hired from Silver Coast tours who can supply adult and children’s bicycles as well as helmets for adults and children too. They also have baby seat attachments for adult bikes so the whole family can go!

Prices are as follows:

1 hour10 €
Half day(10am to 2pm or 2pm to 6pm)15 €
Full day25€
Weekly (5 days)100€
6 days115€

To Book:

contact Silver Coast Tours direct:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +351 932 155 670


Book discounted golf with Portuguese Algarve Golf Service on+351 289 310 630.  Ask them to email the payment authorisation and vouchers to the Praia d’el Rey clubhouse on [email protected]

The number for the Golf Reservations department for Praia d’el Rey is +351 262 905 005


Excellent surf beaches are at Baleal and Super Tubos.  There are lots of places for instruction and board hire there.  As a guide, the Ripcurl Shop at Baleal charge the following:

Surfboards:  15€ full day

Surfboards:  10€ half dayWetsuits:  7.50€ full day

In an emergency dial 112

If you have a non-urgent medical query please feel free to call our office for advice and assistance

00351 262909309


The closest hospital is in Peniche.  Follow the signs on entering Peniche.  There is an A&E department, take your passport and any other documentation with you. The hospital in Caldas da Rainha is larger, has an A&E department and a paediatric department.  Go up the hill past the fruit and vegetable market (Praça da Fruta) and the hospital is on the right. 

Private medical

CUF at Torres Vedras


The nearest pharmacy is in Serra D’El Rei.  It’s on the opposite side of the road to our office, you will see the illuminated green cross.   Open weekdays 0900-1300 and 1400 – 2000 and on Saturdays 0900 – 1900.  

When pharmacies are closed, there will be a notice in the window indicating the nearest one on duty, which is open 24 hours a day. 

Check out time is 10 am.

If you need to leave later please contact us to see if it is possible.

Please return the keys as early as possible to the Holiday Rental Portugal office, or you may leave them in the envelope in the key box in the wall if the office is unattended.  The code is 4589A.

69 Avenida da Liberdade, Serra del Rey (click for map link)

If you have a late flight, please don’t hang on to the keys, but return them to the office.  During the peak months we often have back-to-back bookings and we need the keys ready for the next guests.

Please ensure all the doors and windows are closed when you leave the property.

Security deposit

Provided no damages or breakages are found within the property, the security deposit will be returned as soon as possible after your holiday and within 7 days. 

(This does not apply to HPB or James Villas guests) 

We would be grateful if you would let us know of any accidental breakages so we can replace items for the next guests.

Inside the house:

We would be grateful if you could please remove all rubbish and put in the outside bin. Empty bottles may be taken to the Ecoponto recycling area which is signed off the main road near to the children’s playground.

If the property is left in a very bad condition and requires extra cleaning, this will be deducted from your security deposit at 12€ per hour.

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