The Alentejo is a beautiful, unspoilt region of Portugal stretching from Portalegre in the North and reaching the Algarve in the South. Known for it’s history and culture, nature and beauty and for it’s wine, as well as miles of golden beaches stretching down the west coast, this is the part of Portugal the Portuguese have been happy to keep to themselves. Still undiscovered by most but gradually the word is getting out on the joys this beautiful region of Portugal.

The Alentejo is a huge region of Portugal occupying almost a third of the country. In the North it is edged by the River Tejo and in the South it finishes at the northern mountain ranges of the Algarve. The area is heavily dominated by agriculture with huge farm estates which has been passed from generation to generation, producing cork, wheat and of course wine. However it is also it’s culture and nature which captivates visitors with historic towns and roman remains as well as the countryside and wildlife, and the miles of golden beaches which stretch down the west coast of the country.

For many the reason to visit are its towns, two with UNESCO World Heritage status. The incredible fortified towns of Elvas and Evora whose medieval walls, Roman temple and Cathedral attract visitors from all over the world. South of Evora historic towns such as Beja and Serpa are well worth a visit

The fact that the Alentejo region also offers some of the best beaches in Europe feels often forgotten,and it is hard to believe that even in the height summer, when the beaches of the Algarve are heaving, you can find a beautiful, secluded spot on a spectacular beach and have it all to yourself.

Getting to the Alentejo

It really depends which bit you are trying reach. If it is Troia and Comporta Lisbon is the closest and it is around an hour’s drive on mainly deserted motorways.

If your final destination is central Alentejo (Beja or Herdade do Vau) you can fly into either Lisbon or Faro and it is around 2 hours from there.

Daily Flights to Lisbon and Faro are operated by all the European carriers from most European cities and beyond.

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Alentejo Location